Joint Education sector Review (JESR) under the Theme: Transformative Education, for National Development and Growth.

The Joint Education Sector Review enters day three (3) today with Specific Objective:

To deliberate on Major Education Policies; Thematic Areas Progress, challenges and recommendations

Day Three (3) deliberations will be on the following policies:

1. Prioritizing Human Capital Development in the PAPD2, Lesson learned from PAPD1

2. Teachers licensing, certification and School accreditation

3. Highlights of Major Policy of the Sector

4. Thematic groups deliberation on Early Childhood Education ( ECE)

5. Deliberation on Basic & Secondary Education

6. Deliberation on the MoE Three STEM , TVET & SIE by the thematic group

7. Deliberation on the MoE Students Personnel Services by a thematic group

The 2022, Joint Education Sector Review (JESR), is presently ongoing in Gompa City, Nimba County, under the Theme: “Transformative Education, for National Development & Growth”‘, form March 27 – 31, 2023

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