Ministry of Education Commences Monitoring and Evaluation of LLF Projects in Sinoe, Rivercess, Bomi, Grand Kru, Maryland, and Rivergee Counties

Monrovia, Liberia – June 5, 2024:

The Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Liberia Learning Foundation (LLF), proudly announces the commencement of a comprehensive monitoring program for ongoing LLF projects in Sinoe, Rivergee, Rivercess, Maryland, and Bomi Counties.

The LLF project is funded by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and the World Bank. This initiative reinforces our dedication to enhancing educational infrastructure and improving learning outcomes for children across Liberia. This assessment tour will last for 11 days.

The LLF projects aim to elevate educational standards in rural areas through:

– The construction and renovation of schools.

– Provision of learning materials.

– Teacher training programs.

– Implementation of modern teaching methodologies.

Our goal is to ensure that every child, irrespective of their geographic location, has access to quality education. The monitoring program will focus on:

– Assessing the progress of school construction and renovation projects to ensure timely completion and adherence to quality standards.

– Evaluating the effectiveness of teacher training programs and the utilization of new learning materials to meet the educational needs of students.

– Gathering feedback from stakeholders to identify areas for improvement and ensure the sustainability of LLF projects.

The findings and recommendations from this monitoring exercise will be instrumental in making necessary adjustments to enhance the success and sustainability of these initiatives.

The Ministry of Education is committed to providing a conducive learning environment for our children, and the LLF projects are a significant step towards achieving this goal. This monitoring program will ensure that these projects are implemented effectively, yielding the desired outcomes for our students and communities.

The Liberia Learning Foundation (LLF) has been committed to improving the quality of education in Liberia through innovative programs, partnerships, and community engagement. LLF focuses on providing resources, training, and support to enhance learning opportunities for all children in Liberia.

For more information, please contact:

J. Maxime Bleetahn, Director of Communications & Public Relations

Phone: 0777-212197 or 0886-565-264

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Facebook: Ministry of Education-Liberia

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