Ministry of Education Completes Comprehensive School Inspection in Bomi County

Ministry of Education Completes Comprehensive School Inspection in Bomi County

Tubmanburg, Bomi County, LIBERIA – June 15, 2024:

The Ministry of Education has successfully concluded an extensive inspection of schools in Bomi County. This initiative underscores the Ministry’s dedication to rigorously evaluating and enhancing educational standards throughout Liberia.

During this comprehensive tour, the inspection team visited and evaluated several schools in Bomi County, including:

1. Gbah Public School (LLF Project)

2. Getrude Yancy Public School

3. C. H. Deweh Central High School

4. Jenneh Public School, among others

The primary objective of this assessment was to identify the strengths and challenges faced by these institutions. The Ministry of Education aims to prioritize and address the most pressing issues first, followed by a systematic approach to resolve remaining challenges as resources become available.

This meticulous monitoring and evaluation process highlights the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to implementing significant improvements within Liberia’s educational system. The Ministry is confident in its ability to secure the necessary support to bridge existing gaps and promote educational progress nationwide.

The significance of this nationwide assessment tour cannot be overstated. It represents a vital step towards realizing the Ministry’s vision of providing quality education for all Liberian children. By pinpointing areas for improvement and applying targeted solutions, the Ministry aims to ensure that every student has access to an optimal learning environment and high-quality education.

For further information, please contact:

J. Maxime Bleetahn

Director of Communications & Public Relations

Phone: 0777-212197 or 0886-565-264


Facebook: Ministry of Education-Liberia

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