Sona Tradre Sesay

About Minister Sesay

Sona Traore Sesay is the Assistant Minister of Student Personnel Services at the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Liberia. Sona was confirmed by the Liberian Senate on April 2, 2024. Before her appointment by President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, she was the Executive Director at the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy which is a leadership hub that combines high-quality education with professional football training, life skills, and gender equality programs for underserved children across Liberia.

Additionally, she served as the Life Skills Program Officer and a Self-contained classroom Teacher at the LEAD Monrovia Football Academy where she contributed to molding the minds of young Liberian children through her passion for equal and quality education. From her early years to date, she has served as a leader in various roles and represented the youth of Liberia both locally and internationally.

Minister Sesay holds a Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy from Boston College and a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education from Gaziantep University.

Minister Sesay is a 2023 Amujae Leader, a 2023 International Visitor’s Leadership Program Impact Awardee, a 2022 Gratitude Network Fellow, and a 2011 YES Alumni. She is dedicated to improving the quality of education for all Liberian children and has created several programs to achieve this goal. She is passionate about addressing issues affecting youth and women in her community and uses her platforms to create awareness and advocate for change. She is a role model in the field of education and actively mentors and encourages more women to become educational leaders.


Design activities that will enhance student performance in the school system, including supervising guidance and counseling programs in the schools. b) b) Ensure the teaching of sports and physical education; 

  1. c) c) Encourage students’ participation in sports (football. basketball, volleyball, track and field, etc.) and other extracurricular activities at all schools. 
  2. d) d) Ensure the teaching of health education and make provision for ensuring access to good health and Health facilities by the school community; 
  1. e) Supervise the career development of students; The Bureau shall establish and administer a National Service Program that will: 
  2. a) Ensure that the national service will be a prerequisite for full time employment; 
  3. b) Ensure that students participate in a national service program during the school vacation period immediately preceding their graduation from secondary school; 
  4. c) Ensure that students graduating from universities and colleges perform a one (1| year postgraduate national service; 
  5. d) Ensure that each student completing the national service program receive a certificate of national service completion; 
  6. e) Ensure that students perform in counties of their origin.