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Quality Education
For All.
We believe that the 21st century Liberia Education will prepare its people to become productive contributors to nation building through workforce development.

Important Information

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ministry of Education is to provide quality education for all and prepare future leaders who are capable of handling the task of nation building, protecting our national heritage and enhancing the socio-economic growth and development for the sustenance of the Liberian state.

Philosophy of the Education System of Liberia

  • We believe that the 21st century Liberian Education System will provide equal access to quality education for all residents, regardless of race, ethnicity, color, creed, gender, special needs, religious, or political affiliation.
  • We believe that the foundation of this educational system is based on the following Core (central) values; Accountability and Commitment to duty, Commitment to Excellence of Performance, Transparency, Diligence, and Moral rectitude.
  • We believe that the 21st  century Liberian Education will subscribe to the Liberian Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which considers education as a fundamental human right.
  • We believe that the 21st century Liberia Education will promote the health and well-being of its people to be technologically literate and life-long learners.
  • We believe that the 21st  century Liberia Education will provide a caring, nurturing, safe, and secured learning environment.
  •  We believe that the 21st century Liberia Education will prepare its people to become productive contributors to nation building through workforce development.
  • We believe that the 21st  century Liberia Education will function on decentralized administrative structures to ensure effective and efficient delivery of quality education for residents and citizens.

Most Recent Projects

Liberia COVID-19 Education Emergency Response Plan

This plan is a national response to the global COVID-19 emergency on the education sector in
Liberia and contains strategies on prevention, mitigation, response and recovery.


Improving Results in Secondary Education (IRISE) Project aims to improve access to, and quality of secondary
school education. Specifically, it will aim to achieve these

ESFGUS20-P172705-120877-Liberia Learning Foundation Project- P172705-RPF

(Monrovia, Liberia – February 2, 2021) – In fulfillment of the President’s pronouncement to provide honorarium as a stimulus package to private schools teachers across the country,

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