The Government of Liberia, in partnership with the Government of Morocco, has made available one hundred five (105) bilateral scholarships in the following categories:
Technical and Vocational Training-TVET (50 slots) Transport Operations, Topographic Surveyor, Computer Graphics, Digital Infrastructure, Food Industry Manufacturing, Hygiene and Quality, Graphic Production, Construction, Technical Clothing Industrialization, Civil Engineering, Industrial Automation and Instrumentation, Electro-mechanics of Automated Systems, Air Conditioning, Computer Networking and Computer Programming, Driving instructor, Maintenance of Clothing Equipment, Building Draftsman Technician, Metal Construction Technician, Industrial Maintenance Electricity Technician, Mechanical Manufacturing Technician, Motor Vehicle Repair Technician (Option: Automotive), Motor Vehicle Repair Technician (Option: Trucks and Coaches), Horticultural Techniques, Logistics Technician, Culinary Arts (cooking) and Assembler in Plastics Processing
Bachelor’s Program (46 slots)Geology, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Economics, Commerce, Electrical Engineering, Education, Information Technology (IT), Pathology, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Agriculture, Computer Science/Programming, Civil Engineering General Medicine (2 slots)Paramedical – Nursing, Radiology, Anesthesiology, Laboratory Science (6 slots)Architecture – (1 slot)Studies range from 2-7 years, excluding one year of French language studies, beginning the 2023/2024 Academic Year, at Moroccan public institutions of higher learning.
NOTE: Students will be required to learn the French language either in (Liberia or Morocco), and studies will be conducted fully in French.
Applicants must: Be Liberian nationals; Have graduated from high school with at least “B” average; Have passed the WAEC or WASSCE with at least (7 credits including Math and English for BSc/BA/MD and 5 credits including math and English for TVET);
Be no more than 29 years old on September 1, 2023 for (TVET ONLY)
Be no more than 22 years old on September 1, 2023 for (BSc/BA program) Eligible Liberian nationals shall forward THREE (3) COPIES of the following documents for consideration:
Certified photocopies of high school transcript; Certified photocopies of high school diploma; Certified photocopies of WAEC or WASSCE Certificate; Photocopies of birth certificate; Photocopies of passport (ECOWAS-Liberian Biometric passport valid for at least five years);
A VALID medical certificate issued by a designated medical facility (preferably, the Jorkpen Town Medical Lab, located opposite Don Bosco High School, 8th Street, Sinkor), Six recent white background (identical) passport photos in color with the full name and nationality of the candidate written at the back of each photo;
PERSONAL STATEMENT: a one to two-page summary of the reasons for wishing to undertake training in Morocco and how this training will benefit Liberia;
CV (with phone number and e-mail address clearly listed); Two recent letters of recommendation (one professional and one academic); Recent Police Clearance
CLOSING DATE: Friday, August 15, 2023 at 4 PM.
Applications should be addressed to:
Director of Scholarships, Division of Scholarships, Ministry of Education Ministerial Complex, Congo Town For further inquiry, call 0770421201/0776871512
(From Mondays to Fridays 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)
Signed: J. Maxime Bleetahn, Director of Communications & Public Relations, Ministry of Education
0777- 212- 197