Minister Jallah’s Transformative Visit to Fahnlay Public School

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Minister Jallah’s Transformative Visit to Fahnlay Public School!

(Monrovia, Liberia – March 18, 2024):

Embarking on a journey to Grand Gedeh County, the esteemed Minister of Education, Dr. Jarso Maley Jallah, made a pivotal stop at Fahnlay Public School in Nimba County. Welcomed with open arms, Minister Jallah engaged fervently with the school’s administration, dedicated educators, and eager students.

Principal Mr. Paul K. Leybah eloquently articulated enduring challenges plaguing the institution, including insufficient seating, nutritional deficiencies, salary discrepancies among teachers, and employment uncertainties, all of which profoundly impact the educational trajectory of the students.

In a resolute response, Dr. Jallah, the unwavering advocate of the Ministry, swiftly pledged immediate interventions to ameliorate these pressing concerns, wholeheartedly committing to cultivating an enriching learning milieu for Liberian students.

Demonstrating genuine empathy towards the school’s plight, Minister Jallah was visibly moved by the dire circumstances confronting the institution. This poignant encounter culminated in a touching moment where tears were shed, symbolizing the profound realization of the formidable challenges at hand.

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