Ministry of Education Achievements and Progress under review from 2018-2022.

1. The reactivation of the RTTIs (WRTTI, ZRTTI, KRTTI) including the enhancement content component from 9 months to 1 year

2. Renovation and construction of vocational institutions across Liberia including Sinoe Multilateral, Voijama Multilateral Zwedru Multilateral amongst others

3. The renovation and rehabilitation of 156 Public Schools across Liberia

4. The expansion of 25 Junior High schools to 25 Senior High schools in 25 education districts across Liberia

5. The construction of three state of the art modern High schools in Margibi, Bong and Nimba Counties

6. The construction of 54 Early Childhood classrooms across Liberia

7. The construction of MoE radio station for Education programs

8. The recruitment, training and deployment of 200 Female Guidance Counsellors across the Country

9. The distribution of 16 vehicles to all County Education Officers

10. The distribution of motorbikes and office equipment to Districts Education Officers

11. The distribution of laptops and motorbikes to Human Resource Officers

12. The distribution of 2022/2023 academic calendars to all schools across Liberia

13. The distribution of Early Childhood learning materials across Liberia

14. The distribution of the revised curriculum across the country

15. The distribution of the code of conduct to all schools’ Administrators and Teachers across the Country

16. The re-introduction of Civil in Liberian schools

17. The distribution of armchairs to Public Schools

18. The distribution of 3 vehicles to Directors of RTTIs (KRTTI, ZRTTI, WRTTI)

19. The distribution of vehicles and motorbikes to Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) officers for timely and effective supervision

20. The training of teachers in pedagogy and content areas from accredited and recognized institutions in Liberia

21. The recruitment and employment of over 2000 qualified volunteer teachers across the Country

22. The recruitment of 3500 female dropouts in Sinoe, Bomi, Gbarpolu and Grand Bassa Counties

23. The development of major policies which include Early Childhood Education policy, Alternative Education policy, Girl’s Education

policy, Teacher’s Education policy, School feeding policy, Inclusive Education policy, Vocational & Technical Education policy,

Regulation of schools’ operational permit, Licensing of teacher and accreditation policy

24. The provision of $ 500,000 US for tutorial classes; the provision of 1 million as honorarium to private schools’ teachers; the

provision of 50,000 US dollars for mock exams; the provision of hand washing stations and health kits to all schools; the

provision of textbooks; the provision of Adult Education from ages 15 and above

25. The distribution of cell phones and stipend to female dropouts across the Country.

26. The collection of schools’ data for 2019/2020-2021/2022.

27. The provision of 30 scholarships for students in Kenya, Botswana and Ghana

28. The payment of WASSCE fees for all 12th Graders and Public schools 9th Graders.

29. The continuous improvement in students’ performance in the international and national exams.

30. The development of over 9000 lessons for Early Childhood, Elementary, Junior and Senior High schools across the Country.

31. The establishment and motivation of teacher’s award program which gives rise to Miss Precious Joy Teeweh as the BEST teacher of the year by winning the

President’s award in the tone of 1 million Liberian Dollars with a three modern bed rooms house.

32. The provision of 1,532 local scholarships and 219 International scholarships for students in China, Hungary, Ivory Coast, and Morocco

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