Ministry of Education Advocates for Active Engagement in Budgetary Process

Ministry of Education Advocates for Active Engagement in Budgetary Process

(Monrovia, Liberia – February 27, 2024) As Liberia prepares for the forthcoming submission of the 2024 national budget to the legislature, the Ministry of Education has issued a resounding call for robust participation in budgetary deliberations, aimed at effectively addressing critical gaps within the education sector.

During a consultative dialogue convened with Members of the Honorable House of Representatives Committee on Education, hosted at the Ministry of Education, Ministerial Complex, Congo Town, Dr. Jarso Maley Jallah, Minister of Education, emphasized the imperative for the Ministry’s proactive engagement in the budget formulation process.

Dr. Jallah highlighted the necessity of gaining comprehensive insights into allocated resources to strategically tackle the challenges confronting the education landscape.

Underlining the Ministry’s nuanced understanding of these challenges, Dr. Jallah announced plans for a comprehensive county tour to assess all public facilities nationwide, reaffirming the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to remaining attuned to evolving circumstances.

Furthermore, the Education Minister advocated for enhanced evaluation mechanisms for volunteer teachers to ensure the delivery of quality education. She outlined forthcoming reviews of the employment status of remaining volunteer teachers and other strategic priorities.

In parallel, the Honorable House of Representatives Committee on Education, led by Chairman Honorable Prof. Thomas Romeo Quioh, pledged collaborative efforts with the Ministry and other stakeholders to address prevalent challenges within the education sector.

Chairman Quioh underscored the pivotal role of education in Liberia’s growth trajectory, emphasizing the necessity of adequate budgetary allocations to bolster the sector’s development.

The Committee reaffirmed its steadfast dedication and unwavering support towards enhancing the quality and accessibility of education across Liberia.

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