Ministry of Education begins physical verification of its employees

October 29, 2021 – Liberia, The Ministry of Education with support from the Civil Service Agency (CSA) continues the physical verification exercise of its employee across three (3) counties; Bong, Montserrado & Nimba. The exercise is expected to be rollout to all 15 counties over the next 12 Months. 

The employee physical spot-check activities aim to identify, verify and update the employment records of legitimate teaching, administrative and support staff in the education system so as to improve the payroll management processes. Through the exercise, staff will be confirmed to ensure a workforce void of misrepresentation, and to correct staff information that are captured on Government payroll, including the CSA-MoE Employee database. 


Each staff (teaching or administrative) is expected to be accompanied by his/her supervisor/principal, along with all documents (credential, letter of assignment, and an existing ID). The supervisor is expected to bring along the most recent ledger used for attendance at the place of work (school/office). Upon verification, the information will be updated and their employment file updated or created if missing. 

During the exercise, volunteers will be documented and prioritized for employment using the direct replacement process in place of the fiscal space of those accounts identified and confirmed as abandoned, or dead without notice.

The Ministry of Education management team understands the critical nature of the education workforce and the inadequate teaching staff for school (teaching gap), however, insists that the foremost action is to ensure that the current active payroll is cleaned of ghost names and abandoned staff. Emphasis is placed on replacing the fiscal space that will be gauged from the verification exercise with qualified teachers who are willing to stay in the school system. Information gathered from the field will be used to establish genuine individuals who are in full compliance with the Government of Liberia’s Civil Service Standing Orders. The final outcome shall be a ‘clean’ CSA-MOE-Employee Registry hosted in the MoE automated HR Management system.

Partners working in the education system are encouraged to support the verification exercise by cooperating with the vetting teams, as well as, reporting cases of abandonment in the schools. Citizens are also asked to report abandonment in the system by emailing to or personnel meet with the vetting team supervisor where possible. 

For more information, contact MoE at 1416 or email at

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