Ministry of Education Climaxes School Inspection in Grand Kru County

Ministry of Education Climaxes School Inspection in Grand Kru County

March 27, 2024 – Liberia):

The Ministry of Education has successfully concluded its inspection of schools in Grand Kru County, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing assessment across the Southeastern Region. With this accomplished, attention now turns to evaluating the performance of public, private, and faith-based schools in this coastal county of Liberia.

In Grand Kru County, the assessment meticulously scrutinizes student engagement, teaching methodologies, school environments, stakeholder involvement, and teacher well-being. This comprehensive approach is geared towards gaining invaluable insights to tailor targeted assistance and support.

Notable institutions assessed include Wedabo Central High, Gbanken Junior High, P. G. Neh Elementary & Junior High, P G. Wollor, Jireh Solid Foundation Day-Care, Barclayville Central High, and J.J. Dixon High Schools, among others.

Identified challenges encompass the absence of computer and science laboratories, inadequate subject-specific instructors, teacher-related concerns, maintenance deficiencies, and insufficient furniture in select public and private schools.

In a significant development, Dr. Jarso Maley Jallah, Minister of Education, has announced an independent investigation into the abandonment of projects such as the Gbanken Junior High expansion. This proactive step underscores the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to responsible resource management and accountability.

The investigation is poised to establish a precedent of transparency, accountability, and responsibility in project execution. By promptly addressing current issues and instituting preventive measures, the Ministry aims to cultivate trust in government initiatives within the education sector.

Meanwhile, Education Minister is actively engaged in efforts to foster a conducive learning environment nationwide.

Minister Jallah is at the forefront of addressing the sector’s challenges through comprehensive nationwide assessments, including the recently concluded tour in Grand Kru County, where students candidly voiced their concerns.

She remains steadfast in actively listening, observing, monitoring, and gathering real-time data to ensure the effective execution of measures aimed at addressing challenges in the education sector.

For further information about the Ministry of Education, please contact J. Maxime Bleetahn, Director of Communications & Public Relations, at 0777-212197 or 0886-565-264. Alternatively, visit the website at or the Facebook page: Ministry of Education-Liberia.


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