Ministry of Education Commemorates African Day of School Feeding 2024

Ministry of Education Commemorates African Day of School Feeding 2024

(May 30, 2024, Monrovia – Liberia):

Today, at the esteemed Paynesville City Hall, the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with esteemed development partners, solemnly commemorated the African Day of School Feeding Program.

Aligned with the theme “INVESTING IN HOME-GROWN SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAM TO TRANSFORM EDUCATION SYSTEM FOR AN INCLUSIVE AND PROSPEROUS FUTURE OF THE AFRICAN CONTINENT,” this significant event brought together stakeholders dedicated to advancing educational opportunities throughout Liberia.

Dr. Jarso Maley Jallah, the distinguished Minister of Education, expressed profound gratitude to the nation’s educators for their steadfast commitment to Liberian students’ education. Minister Jallah underscored the pivotal role of the school feeding program in shaping the educational landscape, emphasizing its positive influence on student enrollment and academic performance.

Recognizing prevailing gaps necessitating immediate attention to enhance learning outcomes, Minister Jallah commended the relentless efforts of development partners in supporting educational endeavors benefiting Liberian youth.

Honorable Sona T. Sesay, Assistant Minister for Student Personnel Services at the Ministry of Education, emphasized the imperative need to identify strategic approaches to strengthen the school feeding program through resilient methodologies and crucial interventions. Minister Sesay reaffirmed the program’s objective to augment enrollment rates and fortify the education sector, while applauding the consistent support of the Government and its partners in its nationwide implementation.

Dr. Alexander Nuetah, Minister of Agriculture, delivered a compelling keynote address for the African Day of School Feeding, highlighting the broader objectives of the Home-Grown Feeding initiative. Minister Nuetah underscored its dual purpose of supporting schoolchildren and empowering local farmers in implementing counties.

Expounding upon this vision, Minister Nuetah outlined plans to amplify rice and cassava production nationwide, aiming to diversify diets for children while fostering economic development and sustainability within local farming communities.

The Ministry of Agriculture’s steadfast commitment and support for the advancement and acceleration of the school feeding program were prominently featured during the event, reflecting their acknowledgment of its crucial role in enhancing the nutritional status and educational outcomes of school children.

Esteemed representatives from renowned organizations such as Mary’s Meals, Save the Children International, WFP, Mercy Corps Liberia, People’s Republic of China, US Embassy, National Food Assistance Agency, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, as well as the Office of the First Lady, expressed resolute support and solidarity towards strengthening and expanding the school feeding initiative.

This event served as a pivotal platform for high-level deliberations and collaboration among government officials, development partners, education stakeholders, local authorities, and other key stakeholders. The diverse representation underscored the collective effort and shared responsibility in ensuring the success and sustainability of the school feeding program for the benefit of all involved.

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