Ministry of Education Commits to Enhance Maryland County’s Educational System

Ministry of Education Commits to Enhance Maryland County’s Educational System

Harper, Maryland County, Liberia – March 23, 2024:

Part Eight:

MoE Nationwide Assessment Tour

Under the astute and brilliant leadership of Minister Jallah and her proficient team, the Ministry of Education reaffirms its steadfast dedication to uplifting Maryland County’s educational landscape. With a resolute commitment to delivering excellence and bolstering the county’s educational infrastructure, the Ministry underscores the critical need for substantial investment in the sector.

Persistent challenges have impeded student and educator performance across all societal strata, underscoring the urgent imperative for targeted interventions.

Minister of Education, Dr. Jarso Maley Jallah, pledges decisive action to swiftly address existing deficiencies hindering educational progress in the region.

Championing accountability and transparency as fundamental tenets of educational advancement, Minister Jallah advocates for evidence-based decision-making to drive meaningful change.

Unlike prior assessments, the ongoing evaluation aims to provide actionable insights for crafting pragmatic strategies to expedite educational improvement.

Dr. Jallah’s unwavering commitment to catalyzing positive change in the education sector reverberates strongly as she pledges unwavering support to all public schools across every county.

Notable institutions such as Pleebo Central High, Willie T. Rogers Kindergarten & Elementary, Barraken High, and the Cape Palmas High School and TVET project undergo comprehensive evaluation.

The Ministry’s Inspectorate Team meticulously scrutinizes projects including the IRISE project renovations, ongoing construction endeavors, and early childhood education initiatives.

The Nationwide Assessment Tour progresses seamlessly to the Southeastern region, with the esteemed Grand Kru County next on the itinerary. Stay abreast of the latest developments by following the Ministry of Education-Liberia.

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