Ministry of Education Completes School Inspections in Lofa County

Ministry of Education Completes School Inspections in Lofa County

(Gbarnga, Bong County, April 28, 2024 – Liberia)

The Ministry of Education has successfully concluded the inspection of several schools in Lofa County, including Foya Central High, Voinjama Multilateral High, Kolahun High, Bolahum High, Tellewoyah Public High, and Zorzor Teacher Training Institute, among others.

The assessment identified various challenges such as inadequate computer and science lab facilities, shortage of teachers in specific subjects, staffing issues, poor maintenance of infrastructure, insufficient furniture, absence of sanitation facilities, water systems, transportation, student centers, fans, and vocational training programs in certain schools.

In a commitment to transparency and accountability, Education Minister Dr. Jallah has initiated an investigation into the shortcomings observed during the expansion of Tellewoyah Public High in Voinjama District. This proactive measure reflects the Ministry’s dedication to prudent resource utilization and honest acknowledgment of prevailing issues.

The Ministry remains steadfast in its pledge to integrity and responsibility in project execution.

By addressing identified deficiencies and implementing preventative measures, the Ministry aims to instill confidence in the public regarding government-led educational initiatives.

Education Minister Dr. Jallah, in collaboration with the Inspectorate Team, is diligently working to ensure that schools nationwide provide conducive environments for learning and recreational activities.

Minister Jallah collaborates closely with other government officials including Hon. Amos A. Fully, responsible for teaching matters; Hon. Abba G. Karnga, Jr., overseeing basic and high school education; Hon. Thomas Momo Parker, focusing on planning and research; Hon. Fasan Howard-Nyensuah, championing early childhood education; Hon. Clifford Konah, Jr., facilitating teacher training; Hon. Sona T. Sesay, enhancing student services; Hon. Ericson Boakia, managing administration, and others. Together, they are concerted in their efforts to enhance the quality of education nationwide.

The Ministry’s inspection team continues its comprehensive evaluations across the country, with current emphasis on assessing schools in Lofa, Bong, and Margibi counties.

For further inquiries about the Ministry of Education, please contact J. Maxime Bleetahn, responsible for communication and public relations, at 0777-212197 or 0886-565-264. Alternatively, visit the website or access the Facebook page: Ministry of Education-Liberia.




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