Ministry of Education Concludes School Inspection with Education Stakeholders in River Gee County

Ministry of Education Concludes School Inspection with Education Stakeholders in River Gee County

(Fish Town, River Gee County – March 20, 2024)

MoE Nationwide Assessment Tour

The Inspectorate Team of the Ministry of Education was warmly welcomed by the Administration, Education stakeholders, Chiefs, Acting Superintendent, and Community leaders at Tweh Jaiklay High School in River Gee County, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing comprehensive assessment process.

During the consultative dialogue session with key stakeholders, including the Administration, teachers, parents, students, and local County Authorities, the Acting Superintendent of River Gee County commendably acknowledged the Minister of Education and the team for their unwavering commitment to addressing critical issues affecting public schools, educators, and the wider community.

Presided over by the paramount Chief of the County, a traditional ritual underscored the various challenges articulated by representatives from the Education Stakeholders, council Government, Early Childhood Education sector, and Local County authorities.

Highlighted challenges encompassed the absence of safe drinking water, the deficiency in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs, inadequate support for Early Childhood Education, the lack of an auditorium, the imperative for employment opportunities for voluntary teachers, and measures needed to tackle the issue of paid but abandoned educators.

Taking a firm stance, the Minister of Education, Dr. Jarso Marley Jallah, affirmed a commitment to eschew political rhetoric and instead ensure that these pressing challenges are effectively communicated to His Excellency President Joseph Nyuma Boakai for prompt and appropriate action.

Dr. Jallah, esteemed for her steadfastness and vision, emphasized the confidence bestowed upon her by the President to enhance the delivery of the education system, pledging unwavering efforts towards this end.

In conclusion, she emphasized that the imperative for the assessment tour stemmed from alarming reports concerning the deplorable conditions of schools nationwide, expressing ambitious aspirations to witness tangible improvements.

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