Ministry of Education Engages Development Partners to Enhance Key Priorities

Ministry of Education Engages Development Partners to Enhance Key Priorities

(Monrovia, Liberia – March 6, 2024) Taking proactive steps to fortify the education sector, the Ministry of Education orchestrated a pivotal meeting on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, with prominent development partners including USAID, the World Bank, UNESCO, and UNICEF.

The consultation aimed to address paramount areas within the education sector, ensuring the provision of quality education to all Liberians without prejudice.

Dr. Jarso Maley Jallah, Minister of Education, underscored the significance of both national and international collaboration in advancing Early Childhood Education, Basic and Secondary Education, Girl’s Education, and Infrastructure Development.

Dr. Jallah emphasized the necessity for interventions to ameliorate these areas, stressing the importance of quality assessments for volunteer teachers to guarantee the delivery of high-caliber education. She emphasized that volunteer teachers must undergo vetting and assessment before formal employment.

Furthermore, the Minister highlighted the critical role of Technical and Vocational Education, asserting that interventions in these domains are imperative.

She emphasized the need for School Administration to incentivize student participation in vocational training programs, noting ongoing revisions and enhancements.

Concluding her remarks, Dr. Jallah underscored the importance of maintaining robust alignment for the effective implementation of initiatives.

Madam Anh N. Pham, the Education Office Director of USAID-Liberia, expressed unwavering confidence, commitment, cooperation, and support to elevate the quality of education. She emphasized that enhancements in Early Childhood Education, Girl’s Education, and Basic and Secondary Education are pivotal and necessitate further interventions to professionalize and elevate the entire sector.

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