Ministry of Education Ensures Adherence to 2023/2024 Academic Calendar and Closing Guidelines

Ministry of Education Ensures Adherence to 2023/2024 Academic Calendar and Closing Guidelines


As the academic year 2023/2024 comes to a close, the Ministry of Education underscores the paramount importance of schools strictly adhering to prescribed closing activities and graduation criteria.

Closing Activities:

Closing activities will include promotion ceremonies from kindergarten through 11th grade beginning from July 15 to July 31, 2024.

Graduation fees will be collected subsequent to the official and provisional release of WASSCE results.

Graduation Fees Structure:

In compliance with guidelines, Public and Private schools are expected to impose graduation fees as follows:

– Public School: LD 5000 for 12th graders

– Private School: Not exceeding $100 US for 12th graders

– K2 graduation fees in public schools LD 3500.00

– K2 graduation fees for private schools: PTA in collaboration with the Administration of the school will together reached an agreement for K2 graduation fees in private schools.

Eligibility for Grade 12 Graduation:

Only students who have passed the WASSCE are eligible to partake in the graduation ceremonies. A student is deemed eligible for graduation upon passing 5 (five) subjects, including Mathematics and English respectively.

Graduation Attire:

The official uniform attire for 12th-grade graduation is the respective school uniform. However, students may choose to graduate in gowns, where available, in consultation with the P.T.A., with the aim of mitigating costs associated with graduation ceremonies. Additionally, Grades 6th and 9th may hold simple closing programs if they represent the final or terminal level in the school.

Enforcement and Consequences:

The Ministry emphasizes stringent enforcement of graduation criteria. Schools found permitting unqualified students to participate will face penalties, including fines, suspension of operation permits, or withdrawal/banning of principals from school administration.


School authorities are urged to ensure a seamless and organized conclusion to the academic year, recognizing student achievements while upholding Ministry standards.

The Ministry remains committed to fostering quality, equitable, and accessible education for all citizens of Liberia, thereby nurturing a comprehensive and knowledgeable populace essential for the growth and development of Liberia.

For further information, please contact:

J. Maxime Bleetahn, Director of Communications & Public Relations

Phone: 0777-212197 or 0886-565-264


Facebook page: Ministry of Education-Liberia

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