Ministry of Education Forges Strategic Partnership with USAID-ESSA to Address Persistent Challenges


Ministry of Education Forges Strategic Partnership with USAID-ESSA to Address Persistent Challenges

(Monrovia, Liberia – April 17, 2024):

In consonance with the Education pillar of the ARREST agenda, the Ministry of Education convened a pivotal partnership session with the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Education System Strengthening Activity (ESSA) in Liberia.

This collaborative initiative seeks to bolster the augmentation and dissemination of high-quality education nationwide.

Amidst a constructive discourse at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, Deputy Minister of Education, Honorable Armah Massaquoi, extended gratitude to ESSA for their unwavering dedication to this vital alliance.

Deputy Minister Massaquoi emphasized the pressing need for a resilient and dynamic education sector, accentuating the importance of concerted efforts with development partners to overcome present challenges confronting the educational landscape.

Furthermore, in its role as a strategic ally, ESSA stands poised to offer assistance to the Ministry across various critical domains such as precision data collection, human resource management systems, resource allocation, and the augmentation of accountability mechanisms.

This collaborative endeavor symbolizes a significant step towards advancing the quality and accessibility of education in Liberia.

Aligned with the objectives delineated in the ESSA support program, it is envisaged that the Bureau of Planning, Instructions, and Administration will experience substantial enhancement through supportive measures and capacity-building initiatives.

In his capacity as Chief of Party of USAID’s Education System Strengthening Activity (ESSA), Honorable Haladu Mohammed expressed resolute dedication to the Ministry, underlining the imperative of addressing prevailing challenges affecting Liberia’s education sector.

Honorable Mohammed’s steadfast commitment signifies a proactive stance towards surmounting obstacles and fostering positive transformation within the education sphere.

The engagement, spanning a day, brought together a diverse array of participants including Deputies, Assistant Ministers, Directors, and various representatives of ESSA.

The collaborative ethos of this gathering underscores the shared responsibility and collective endeavor requisite to address complex issues and propel sustainable progress in the realm of education.

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