Ministry of Education, in Collaboration with LFSA, Unveils $75 Million Initiative to Revolutionize Liberian Education

Ministry of Education, in Collaboration with LFSA, Unveils $75 Million Initiative to Revolutionize Liberian Education


Liberia takes a monumental stride in its educational reform agenda as the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the USAID Liberia Foundation Skills Activity (LFSA), announces a groundbreaking initiative poised to reshape the educational landscape.

Backed by a substantial $75 million investment over the next five years, this transformative endeavor promises to usher in a new era of educational excellence and opportunity for Liberian youth, laying a robust foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

The LFSA presentation delivered a comprehensive roadmap for the initiative, outlining the strategic allocation of the $75 million investment over the next five years to drive transformative educational goals. Emphasizing alignment with national education priorities, the partnership between LFSA and the Ministry of Education is poised to catalyze substantial progress in educational outcomes and opportunities.

Commencing from April 2024 to March 2029, LFSA’s ambitious agenda will unfold across Monsterrado, Margibi, Grand Bassa, Bong, Nimba, and Lofa counties. Targeting Grades 1 through 6 in public primary schools and Levels 1 through 3 in Accelerated Learning Programs (ALPs), LFSA aims to establish county offices to ensure comprehensive coverage and impactful interventions. This initiative is firmly aligned with the Education Sector Plan (ESP) and commits to reinforcing the Education Component of the New Liberia ARREST Agenda and the Liberia Partnership Compact.

LFSA’s approach underscores collaboration, learning, and adaptation as fundamental pillars to maximize transformative impact. A collaborative workshop scheduled for June 2024 will convene LFSA, the Ministry of Education, USAID/Liberia Education programs, the World Bank, and other stakeholders to chart a strategic course towards educational excellence.

At its core, LFSA is dedicated to expanding access to quality primary education for Liberian children while ensuring alignment with government learning standards. Key result areas include timely enrollment, appropriate classroom placement, accessibility of teaching materials, and enhancement of teacher practices and learning outcomes. LFSA leverages the expertise of both local and international partners to amplify its impact.

Led by a team of seasoned professionals, LFSA is poised to drive the success of this initiative and make a lasting impact on Liberian education.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) reaffirms its steadfast commitment to Liberia’s pursuit of educational excellence, underscoring its broader mission to advance international development and humanitarian efforts aimed at eradicating extreme poverty and fostering resilient, democratic societies.

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