Ministry of Education Inaugurates Nationwide Assessment Tour in Grand Gedeh County

Ministry of Education Inaugurates Nationwide Assessment Tour in Grand Gedeh County

(Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, Liberia- March 18,2024):

MoE Nationwide Assessment Tour ongoing:

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, a Nationwide Assessment Tour commenced today, March 18, 2024, in Grand Gedeh County, with the aim of evaluating schools and implementing timely interventions to address challenges in the education sector.

The tour began in Zwedru at the Zwedru Multilateral High School, focusing on assessing various institutions built by the Government of Liberia to devise intervention strategies and improvements.

With unwavering commitment and support from the national government and Development Partners, the new administration, led by Dr. Jarso Maley Jallah, unveiled dedicated commitments at the brief program.

The administration emphasized prioritizing Girls & Inclusive education, Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs, as well as upgrading teacher and administrative capacities to enhance the vibrancy, delivery, and sustainability of the school system in the County.

Minister Jallah’s assurance for the improvement and sustainability of Liberia’s public school facilities in the County restored hope for the administration, teachers, students, and parents.

However, she underscored that achieving these goals requires collective commitment and adequate support from the national government and partners.

Moreover, Minister Jallah stressed the government’s continuous commitment and expressed gratitude to the school’s administration, teachers, students, education stakeholders, and parents, emphasizing collaboration for the betterment of the education system.

This assessment tour aims to identify national hindrances to the smooth operation of the education sector.

During the program, Mr. Harry D. Doe, the County Education Officer of Grand Gedeh County, presented a comprehensive overview of the County School System.

His presentation included the total enrollment of students in primary, junior, and senior levels, along with the qualifications of teachers.

Additionally, Mr. Doe informed the Minister and her entourage about ongoing academic programs and activities supported by various organizations such as Bridge Liberia, Save the Children, UNFPA, Brac, UNICEF, WORLD BANK IRISE EU-UNIDO, Breakthrough Liberia, among others.

However, Mr. Doe also highlighted several challenges faced by the education system, including inadequate learning materials, deficient infrastructure, teacher shortages, difficulties in replacing teachers, lack of logistics, underpayment of teachers, centralized support, limited teachers in science fields, and consistent theft due to security inefficiencies.

He concluded his presentation with recommendations such as placing rural voluntary teachers on the payroll, providing motivational incentives, regularizing salaries, promptly replacing deceased and abandoned teachers, decentralizing operational permits, removing ghost names, and providing logistical support to District Education Officers to enhance their work.

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